Isilon .snapshot

An Isilon X410 node looking ready to snapshot.
An Isilon X410 node looking ready to snapshot.

Hit an unusual problem on an Isilon cluster running OneFS 7.2 recently. We were rsyncing in some content from an older system that was attached to a Netapp. The logs of the rsync showed issues trying to sync a number of folders due to the fact it was “a read-only filesystem”.

The only common feature was that within all the affected paths was a subfolder named .snapshot. Not /ifs/.snapshot mind you, this was far down the customers directory structure and the path contained what looked like a valid SyncIQ snapshot path!

After worrying a little that maybe someone had somehow symlinked in some content from a snapshot I realised that it was simply the foldername .snapshot is reserved for, yup you guessed it, snapshot purposes.

Indeed try creating an empty folder and then creating a folder named .snapshot and you’ll find it already exists!

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